Don't Eat the Doughnut

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Well, we played another joke at work a while ago involving a doughnut and some hot sauce... I listened to a lot of your responses about the last B&J show and added/removed a little bit of the intro to make it easier to watch. I'd love to hear what you think about this episode.
I really like this style of animation, and would like to make a lot more.
Please, enjoy the show!

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Kinda Boring

So-so. The graphics would be vastly improved if you outline the drawings and not make them so messy eg. The building windows at the start. Make the intro more interesting and creative instead of the plan old intro because this bored me immediately. Sorry. But good luck in your future submissions

cheshirepus responds:

Thanks, this being my second submission out of 6 or 7 so far, I've actually had quite a bit of luck with the rest! =p

It's different

I kinda hoped that the boss had eaten the doughnut.


Close to being total crap . The graphics looked like you drew them in 10 minutes . The motion was crap and I didn't find it funny at all . Only thing that was good about this movie was the music which was a good pick . Overall 3 .

cheshirepus responds:

Yeah, it's really difficult to have my first few submissions (like this one) up on the Portal when my skills have increased so much more since this was submitted, but... you just have to remember that this movie was the second submission I had that passed judgement. That, and I hadn't been using Flash for more than about three months. So yes, by my standards today, I probably could draw the symbols in this movie in 10 minutes. However, back when I made this, it was a personal achievement that I was very proud of, and still am today.
I'm glad you liked the music, though. And thanks for your honesty; I always appreciate genuine criticism.

welli thought it was a really good movie..........

I know the graphics were't TOO good but i love the old film style you gave it in the begining, you should of kept it that way trhrough the whole movie! after seeing your movies i find you have a very unique style, i have a feeling you've seen a lot of charlie chaplin movies? the music was great, it went so well with the movie, and i love jazz. this was also a very funny movie, it kept me smilying through every second of the movie. overall great work, keep it up.

cheshirepus responds:

You're very flattering! Thank you.
Though I haven't seen a single Chaplain movie (but I really liked Johnny Depp's imitation in "Benny and Joon"), I do have an affinity for the early jazz scene from the 20's on into the 40's. Nothing beats a good swingin' jazz improv, I say, and I could listen to "Sing sing sing" all day long if you gave me the chance.
I'm really happy you like the style I'm starting to use, and I'm glad you enjoy my animations.
Thank you very much!


Well I did like how you gave it that old fashion movie style. But I lost excitment after the few couple seconds. Sorry <=)

cheshirepus responds:

That's quite alright. This was only the second submission that I ever created to pass judgement on the Portal, and that was 8 months ago! I've learned a lot since then, but it's still nice to look back at my old movies from time to time. Thanks for being honest!

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3.32 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2003
6:54 PM EST
Comedy - Original