Beware of falling ovens

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Video of an oven falling on a Subway employee. Hooray.

Please note that this was my first flash entry. It is not a cartoon. It includes a loading screen that does not work. So please, restrain yourself from griping if the urge arises.



wow, if that would have fallen on him, it would have been ten times more cool.


i dont get it
i dont get your movie and i dont get that long long endless review about preaching and shit
whatever dude..

Clap Clap

Clap Clap to the last review.


I take it you were offended by my words, you said you don't care, yet you bothered to reply to my review, so if you really don't care, then you wouldnt bother replying to this review, you want to put me in my place by cursing me, well know this, I am a better person because I choose to bless rather than to curse, you told me to get a life, who are you to say that to me? have you not just placed judgement onto me by saying I have no life?Our lives are what we choose it to be, wouldn't you be offended if I were to tell you to get a life by stop going to Newgrounds and animating Jesus into a sitcom? Although I did not say that. Don't do onto others what you don't want done onto you, therefore do not tell people to get a life, because it is clear that we all have one but use it in different ways. Newgrounds, a place where so much hatred is put on is perfect for me to be an example of the light :) What is wrong with preaching on the Internet? All I want to do is share the truth with all of you, yet you reject me in hatred.

God bless you.

Slickernaut responds:

What about the entry you chose to not review? Preach on, Jesus boy.. Preach on. And then go find a woman, and have some good old fashioned premarital sex.


er right?

Slickernaut responds:

The exact same thing I asked myself when reading your "review". Please try harder next time.

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2.44 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2003
1:27 AM EST
Comedy - Parody