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IMPORTANT!!! REGARDING OTACON "ROBOT" VOICE - I haven't shown enough of the movie to show whats happening here. For that I apologise. Just as Otacon is trying to explain away why he said "brother", he's going to turn around and start talking in a camp english accent, as he is not otacon at all, he is LIQUID SNAKE!!! And that is where it gets funny. Trust me, if I can get some kind of a work ethic going, you'll see the finished product in under a week.

OK, let's get the obvious stuff out of the way. THIS IS NOT A FINISHED movie. It's a template I've come up with for Get Metal Gear 2. The movie will be a parody of the codec sections from MGS2 and I want some feedback on how the codec engine, voices, humour and everything can be improved. I'm not really interested in what you think of this as a finished product, so only helpful opinions/ideas only. All artwork/animation/voices are original, and not scans. Cheers.

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That was funny-ass fuck. Wooly woofta, hehehe I call everyone that now! Please make another flash with the same voice as Liquid and use wooly woofta too. Christ on a bike that was genius!

This was STOLEN

THis looks exactly like Metal gear get 2.

cockjockey responds:

Yes, I stole it from myself. Look at my other submissions bro, this movie was just a test FOR MGG2. Glad you remembered it though.

Wasn't that bad

The anamation wasn't that good, but the dialog was pritty funny. I don't know why the other reviewers would give it a bad review. Its was fine. You just need to get some more work on the voice actors.


you ige

cockjockey responds:

What does that mean? I left my Bollocks-English lexicon at home, dude.

Good Job BUT

There are a few things wrong with the movie. One major one is that it doesn't stop at the end. So I was watching and I was like "Didn't I see this before?" then I remembered a lot of people don't end there flash movies with a replay button. Add a replay button, ya scalawag. You might want to go with a real person for Otacon. Because they were real people not like the computer General for Raiden. (If you haven't play MGS2 by now kill yourself.) Just fix those things and your movie thing will be good for all real MSG fans.

Good Job Keep it Up.

cockjockey responds:

Thanks for your words. Did you notice the robot voice changes to human when otacon says "brother"? If you've played any metal gear game you must see where its going. Liquid Snake anyone?

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3.42 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2003
12:24 PM EST
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