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Finally, the few weeks of work is complete. J.A.S.F 3 (Just Another Stick Fight 3) is ready. The animation is 99 % farme-by-frame work. Basicly, the idea is mostly from RingFingers barrlefield: There`s four doors, two for each team. Stickmen just keep appearing from them, trying to annihilate the enemy team members as fast as they can. ENJOY!

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This was cool

So this was cool I like the whole stick battle here and like that theres was different phases on this, now I do think some added color maybe some added blood splatter some other colored elements would be nice too, but overall this was a nice stick adventure here.

Some suggested color would go nice with this.


I'd like to comment on how this was way more elaborate than the last one. It had dozens of guys! The other one only had like five of them. I can see why the score is so low. The best part is the disclaimer at the end. Luckily, stickmen are expendable.

I loved the more detailed place. It's great to create your own world like this. Well, it's really a big room. It's still a great environment. This was tons of fun.

wow team 1 sucks lol

its good but

what resemblance does it have to battle field three I mean I see some but not really a lot but good anims anyway


he can't resist a good proposition