truth about tobacco

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edit: I'm not trying to tell anyone to stop smoking, just to tell the things tobacco won't. You can decide for yourself, can't you?

The truth about tobacco.

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o man totaly agreed 100% to me est flash ever keep on working

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my like the smoking it is good i need the smoking are i kill you all

An unwitting victim of the extortion scheme!

Uneducated and very young ppl like you have no place being preachy.
You are at an age when social engineers can manipulate your thoughts in ways you can't yet understand. You get passionate about cigarette additives but I doubt if you know there is animal piss/shit, nitrates, antibiotics, parasites, heavy metals, puss, growth hormones and pesticides in your meat. Unless you're a vegetarian you're poisoning yourself daily. It's a slow suicide. Your schools are poisoning you with meat and dairy because the big meat and dairy companies buy off politicians. Check out the label on the "food pyramid" in your school for evidence. See what business's make the most money for more evidence.
Cigarette smokers know about the dangers of smoking. It's printed right on the label and the chemicals and other ingrediants have been on record for at least a decade.
A bigger danger is ppl like you who are easy conduits of mind control. You will help us lose our liberties. If ppl want to destroy themselves it's none of your business. At least cigarette smokers are only hurting themselves. Meat eaters are hurting themselves, the animals and the environment.
It's obvious from your reply to me at http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=144682
that many concepts go over your head. It doesn't keep you from acting like you have a clue so I don't expect this one to take hold either.
Maybe this quote by Ben Franklin will boil it down into something you can understand...
"They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
Benjamin Franklin 1759

MuffinProductions responds:

One wond. Bullshit. But I do feel sorry for these people who are getting manipulated by thes "social engineers". Ah, I would be very worried about parasites, if they didn't exist around me anyways. Do I give a shit if I happen to eat a parasite (mind you, cooking kills parasites.... therefore I cook my food), even though I sleep on them and they live on me? No I can't stop it, so whatever. Big shit. Of course cittagrette smokers know what the fuck they're inhaling, but I posted this for one reason. Because there is nothing to defend smoking. It has no beefits. And instead of killing us, ever so slowly, it takes years off our life, and costs money. How would me protesting billion dollar companies that kill 1200 people a day be mind control? Dumbass. Of course, because by stating my feelings about certain subjects, I take our liberties away. Oh, and social engineering isn't mind control, you asshat. I think people destroying themselves (and let's not forget secondhand smoke) IS my business. Or at least scuicide is the polices business, you dumb shit. But, let me clairify something. Cigatette smokers are only hurting themselves, correct? How can you explain the 400 deaths related to second hand smoke every year? Or is this the fault of the politics and meat producers too? But you say vegetarians are not hurting anyone and meat eaters are?? Only if you ignore the fact that millions of wild animals die during wheat harvests, and grain harvests. But that isn't hurting anyone is it? Oh, and thanks for the random Benjamin Franklin quote, it really helped me understand how the fuck I am giving up my liberty, while stating my opinions, and how I trade it for the "safety" of being persecuted by dumbasses for what I believe in. Oh, and btw, I don't watch TV or the like, so who the fuck is influencing me now? Good try, though.

Well DUH!

Good lord! You mean I might actually DIE from smoking my cigs? WELL, I only have one thing to say to that...NO SHIT!!! I'm not ignorant! Canadian brands of cigarettes list all the chemicals on the side of the pack. And I know tobacco company execs are pieces of shit but it's not as though they are the only business men who lie (enron anyone?)
But your motive is a very valid one and you do deserve to be commended. I am just so damn tired of everyone thinking that smokers just simply don't know what they're smoking. We know it's bad for us, so is the sun so are cheeseburgers so is the air and the damn water. I'm in no way endorsing smoking, just defending smokers.

MuffinProductions responds:

Sorry to pop your bubble of ignorance, but just in case you didn't notice the fact that I didn't voice any of my opinions. That's right, these are only facts, so you inferring that I think that noone knows anything about tobacco is completley wrong. I'm only telling you things that you don't already know. It's not like tobacco commercials are going to say that their cigs contain good, old fashioned cyinide, dipshit.

very true

I totally agree with this. It's good this is out into the public. People who work for smoking companies have earned a definite place in hell.

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