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The Well (Trial (fixed))

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The fixed version (and longer). I added more complex controls, and fixed the minor bugs, I added one more scene...
Press the letter that shows up beside you character.

Gimme feedback and suggestions!
This is the fixed version of my VERY FIRST SERIOUS ATTEMPT AT FLASH!

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This was pretty good, though I didn't notice any changes since the version I played yesterday. I would suggest random keys and hitting space or enter instead of clicking go, I thought that was quite annoying. Anyway, this shows potential, good luck.

Hellsguy1 responds:

Thanks, I already described why I didn't do random letters, this was just a test of some of the principles I wanted to apply in my actionscripting

If you can keyboard iys ok

My one critisism is that the letters ARE random....If they were in key positions and rows at first it would be a great typeing tutor!

good start

like the last guy said i would try to make the letters random, i think it would be hard to set the keypress random, but i would be down to work on it with you if its something you seriously wanna persue. the other idea is make the guy fall/scrue up if you hit the wrong key, that way you cant just mash the keys. very good idea, and if you made it more intense (multiple options) or (faster animations/action) could be pretty cool, very good first attempt.

Not bad. In fact, I like it.

It's good, but a bit too hard for people who aren't good keyboarders. I got an A in my keyboarding class and it was still hard for me. Maybe add a little but more time for hitting the button...?

Hellsguy1 responds:

If I made it any easier it would get blammed, its hard so that people find it a challenge.

pretty good

you have a good idea but you should make the letters turn out random if u can

Hellsguy1 responds:

I know how to randomize the letters, the problem is, I used it so that the stickman turns into a button, and then I have an on(press){} thing so I cant put a variable into the press thing...