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This is a teaser for my website. Go to www.skycastlestudios.com for more illustrations, and more importantly for the complete animation. This is a clip of animation taken from the ending of the of beating the "game", which is actually just visiting my site and collecting "clues" from each link. Nothing hard, just incentive for people to visit all the links on my site. Turn your speakers on, because this contains dialog.


that was good shit...

jesus christ that was good

Holy crap

Wonderful! The full version of that (if you ever post it) is garenteed to get front page!


aaaaawwwweeessooommmeeee............now for the full animation prolly is great too......

This is not for the teaser

The above score is for the website. I guess NG bandwidth will die if werent there was this teaser. let head on to the site man... it rox

Leetful is a dumbass... go check what a teaser really means, moron!

dude ur websote roxors

incredible job i love ur website man goodjob! and also...

i agree with XSDSX stupid leetful! were do u get off critisising other peoples work when you dont even know wat its even used for! u fucking dumbass just cause u cant create ur own crap doesnt meen u gota make other people feel bad (if u did) u pathetic piece of crap! i oughta crap u out and flush u down the drain!

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3.68 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2003
2:39 PM EST
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