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Halo: Fragging Flood

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Just click to shoot those damn annoying Flood bastards. And review the game, not your veiws on Halo (which is the best game I've ever played) or the X-Box. Say something usefull or shut your trap, please. Othewise, REVIEW! Tell me what you liked, disliked, etc. Please!


pretty good needs an ending though


If u shoot u can shoot another time without using another bullet!! But other thatn that it was a great game and it needs an ending

w00t got em !!!!!!!!!!!!!

he he he ha ha ha ha finally got the little s**ts h ha ha ha

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Needs an ending

and some way to take damage, and some kinda scoring, maybe a timer, needs to be harder and have more of a point, was really good, but got quite boring. (maybe levels, new eenmies, weapons, something) so good but so lacking. Still gave you an 8, just fix it.

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2 problems thats it

just needed more guns and it got kinda reppetetive after awhile i liked the backgrounds though pretty good just more guns

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Credits & Info

2.23 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2003
6:24 AM EST
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