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New Worlds ep1

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Author Comments

Please note that this is NOT a trailer. It is the first episode of a space adventure. It was going to be longer but the file size was too big, so I must leave it at this. The reason it is so big is because of photoshop imports/music. I did the best I could to reduce the size.

I would just like to add EVERYTHING exept the music and preloader are mine. Even the starscape and planet! :)


It is far in the future. The earth goverment has sent gigantic colony ships with millions of smaller landing pods, each carrying about a few thousand people. They send these ships to a far off planet. Little did they know that they would be intercepted by beings that had claimed this planet first. And they arent aliens...

Enjoy! :)

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This is my review.

Hmm good use of the blur tool. Although I've had enough of the "space sim" era after playing such games as X2: The Threat and Freelancer this was not a bad flash. I did not have a problem with graphics at all. They were above mediocre but you could decrease the acceleration of distanced ships a touch just for authenticity. The style needed some work however. I appreciate the originality but the ships just don't cut it. They seem more alien then something imaginable. In fact they are a bit far from even qualifying as alienable. Increase "some" of the decals of the ship and work on the geometry so they are more symmetrical. Some of the wing structures do not make sense at all. I noticed some of the ships took a tri-wing plant, that was too Star War related for me sorry. Go with the original look of the biwing plane. A little like the Starfox ships yet less wings and reduce the sharpness of the wings with a flatter backward facing stance. I'm not trying to tell you to scrap your idea just improve a little on the planes so they look a little more descent. A theme song would incorporate well into this movie. Perhaps a title screen with the theme song playing then the camera slowly pans into the fray of the ships. Curse me and my non-flash skills :(. One way to add into violence would be to add blood near the wreckage of recently destroyed ships. Perhaps a man or two floating lifeless in front of the screen. I always suggest for artists that don't have high interactive points to just add a simple start menu it'd improve that greatly. It could've been a little humorous, perhaps have one scene in the cockpit of a pilot listening to Mr. Robot. The movie was really good but it did leave a sense of a trailer feeling. Add some dialogue and storylines and it'll qualify as good. One more thing I'd like to suggest is on the scene where the tri-wings fly forward and then zip to the right have a couple zip to the left just for added effects. Good job.

Was very promising

That was fairly exciting epesode im certainly looking forward to the next- i loved the movement of the ships. Reminds me of homeworlds. P.S. hope youve not forgotten about the fallout out movie- im looking forward to that to :-)

Drin responds:

Oh, dont worry. I have something very special planned for that ;)

You were right to warn in advance...

... that the file-size was relatively too big and the film relatively too short. Saves alot of frustration.

Consider working harder on getting everything smaller. That was a short, visual space opera orgasm. :) I didn't think the sound was very fitting, you should have taken something more rough, maybe with electric guitars. I also hope that this will have an actual story, and that we get to see more than spaceships. They were neat, but I'd like to see characters and a plot, too.

Drin responds:

Thanks. Ive already started the second, im trying less photoshop and heavier music. It features the landing of the ships and mabey some fighting.

Uhhh...it was alright....

It was ok, but wow, the file-size on this sucker is huuuuuuge. You've got to find a way to lower that if you're going to be dishing out movies of the same quality in longer-length featurs. The music was so-so, I just didn't "feel" it with the given story line synced with that music. I guess most of the emptiness comes from no exposure of plot from the movie itself. The way you portrayed your distance between other ships was pretty cool, but since there was little fighting and small exposions it felt like it was building up to something really cool that never happened; most likely from having to cut off the movie so quickly. It looks alright, if you could lower the file size more, get some plot exposure, and more action I think you'd have something really cool on your hands. Good luck.

5megs For Shit

It wasn't that. Very pointless. But if you worked on the file size, it would be a little better. Maybe make all those little yellow and red dots symbols.

Drin responds:

Basically the whole episode is like this:

The colonization pods (the yellow ones) are launched from the main ship and are attacked by enemy fighters (the red ones) its just from a bunch of different angles and zoom levels.

Credits & Info

3.20 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2003
1:20 PM EST