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GT Flash's Tetris

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Author Comments

Another Flash Game by GT Flash, enjoy

if you want to download you can do so in the game or through the following URL

-Sorry about the broken link for downloads in the game-


Lack of Originality

I like Tetris, and there are a lot of Tetris games on the internet, so you need to try your best to make yours stand out. Unfortunately, this fails to do so.
-Lack of Music/sound clips
Without music, the game becomes pretty dull
-New Game option does not work
When I select for a new game, it fails to clear all of the blocks, instead taking out your last block that you dropped,which makes it harder to play.
-Graphics are shoddy
The graphics are way too simple, add some more detail and improve on it
-Instead of changing all blocks to a blue color, I would have preferred to leave them as is, as different colors.
-I would have loved to see a short animation of the blocks disappearing when forming a line.

Another tetris game.

I somewhat disliked this version of tetris. There were few interesting things you look like you did to it, but it was lacking of most of the nescescary features to make a good tetris game.

- you had some little bars down at the bottom. They were interesting, but i'm not quite sure what they did, I'n guessing that they were for the types of blocks landed.
- there were no majour bugs or glitches in the engine.

-no music at all
-no level system
-It looks like you may have taken the engine from actionscript.org, but since you knew the variables to code those bars, then
it's unlikely, but still possible.
- the controls were very uncomfortable, the turning should have been done by the arrows, it makes it alot less stressful that way.
-graphics were lacking, Nothing was appealing and the menu lacked any style.

Don't feel too bad, though. It would be awesome if you Made another tetris game with most of those cons taken away, It would be a great version of tetris and i would enjoy playing it. Good luck in general.


so many tetris games, and a good 95% of them suck. this is one of them. if you're going to copy a tetris game, you should make it better.

Unoriginallity at its maximum.

Consider yourself very lucky this passed judgement, there's already about 500 different versions of Tetris on NG, and about 1 000 000 more on the internet.

Most of those have sound and don't have graphical flaws. A very poor tetris clone.

Tetris. Wow.

Consider yourself very lucky this passed judgement - there's already about 500 different versions of Tetris on NG, and most of those have sound and don't have graphical flaws (the blocks shouldn't all turn to blue once they reach the bottom of the screen). Do something original next time!

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Credits & Info

1.89 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2003
9:13 AM EST
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