Yin Yang B.O.L. II

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This is the last episode of Yin Yang: Battle of Legend. It starts out with a brief recap of the first episode, then goes right into the 5 on 1 martial arts action! This isn't the kind of fight where the hero is surrounded by lots of enemies, then they attack one by one; this is the kind of thing where one versus many just isn't a fair fight.... until he gets a weapon....

Also, stick around, because at the end of the movie is a sneek preview of my third movie. All I can say is it's Matrix related.



I've seen this so many years ago. Nice job on the music and sounds. The fights well well made. It reminded me of an old school martial arts film. The weapon fights were cool too. Also a good amount of humor. Pretty goof but I prefer the first.

I think you will love it

I thought that this was an excelent flash. It was well made, the music and sound effects were used to a good efeect, and the fighting was well played out. I especially enjoyed the fight over the knife stuck in the tree. Other parts I enjoyed included the start, the end, and everything in between.


i liked it alot this was very good but there was a couple thigs you can improve on ....
1. improve the look of the stick men who are fighting they were kinda dula and not to interesting and they were really cheaply drawn and by the background art that you had i say you can do better with that.... also thats why i gave you a 9 on graphics

2. some of the sounds were not all that great ... but thats not really nothing to big there an easy find right...

but over all keep up the good work and i will be watching out for your other flashes in the future..... and as stick fan/animatior check out my videos i would like to hear your opion on my'n


Excellent job!

I loved it! Also at the beginning you where using music from Halo

5AMURA1kid responds:

Cool! Thanks, always good to meet a fan. Yes, I was really into the Halo thing back then, silly me......Now Im into Ghost Recon!

Simply Amazing

I loved what you did with this movie, So much like Xiao Xiao but at the same time is isnt, Very good job for a stick fighting movie ( which is the only reason graphics got an eight )

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Nov 14, 2003
6:52 PM EST
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