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The Story of Skunk Head

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Author Comments

I made this cartoon a while ago. its roughly 9 and a half minutes long and took 4 months to create. thanx to all the musicians i stole songs from to put in it

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amazing to be your first time, i wish you could've continue with the artistic animation

Wow, an internet cartoon as old as me! When this was first published, I was a newborn. When this was first being made, I wasn't even alive yet. The age of it gives me a surreal feeling... And the animation is really good, too. The progress the author made since then is nonetheless tremendous! The first video I've seen from HotDiggedyDemon was "Luigi's Day Out" from 2014. I actually seen it that same year. I thought it was really good, especially since it was one of the first internet cartoons I seen (I didn't discover Newgrounds until recently). Overall, it's pretty good, in my opinion. 🙂

good i guess

An old classic

Well this was an old classic but still some funny stuff here the characters are cute and the amimation was nice some very silly moments on this was pretty funny you have a nice animation here even as a classic as it is, hope to see more work here soon.

Make more


I believe this was your first submission. I admit the artwork doesn't hold up. I can tell recognize your style. It seems to be inspired by Jhonen Vasquez. You did do an "Invader Zim" parody. This was still good.

You later made another submission about Native Americans. We finally got to the understanding of the title! For something old, this was quite long. The music's used quite well. It's a nice start.