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Roman VS Levani !!!

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This a movie of just two guys fight. me and my friend did it part by part. It starts off low but it's gets better as it goes on.

OK here is the deal with R and L:

When ever you see R in the left uper corner that means Roman did it. if it's L then Lavan did it.

IF you wanna blame it. No problem but tell what part is wrone so i or he could fix it. No usless blamess

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Yeah this is another one of those pretty good stick movies. I liked it because it had had actuall characters, backgrounds (which are involved) and good music to go with what was happeneing.

Good Job.

OMG! Someone stole goku's hair!!!!!! LOL

Well, it was an okay DBZ style fight, but my god, why do you people always use stick figures, then give them so much detail, like 3-d lighting, hair, faces, etc.. I mean, why not just draw the whole damn person?! Geez, and people say that sprites are skilless. Anyway, back to the fight. It was some nice moves, though i think you barrowed a little too much from Dragon Ball Z. The mountain looked more like a pile of, er, you know what, and the scene where it rainded rocks was a little too long. Other than all that, (it does'nt leave much, yes i know) it was cool.

ISuperSaiyan responds:

well i would draw the whole character but i don't like to do crap stuff, so if i wuld start a real action movie than it would take me years to finish it. and get bored really fast. thanks for review.

By the way people lease include Wtich parts you liked better R or L

hey man...

i suggest u use a little more detail next time, oh, and to help this submission, u should speed up the frames, to like 32 frames a second, maybe even more, to make it have a very fast paced fighting scenery....after u do it, if u do, go to ur newgrounds profile and figure out how to resubmit the finished flash to replace this one, u can do that if u make mistakes and you want to change them and stuff...itll still be under this title, jus different

ISuperSaiyan responds:

Hi, Thanks for reviewing.

BUt as i said in review that wasn't my movie alone i maked it with my friend. so he probobly putted up as well. well R parts is me.

GJ, 7s all round...

OK well although I gotta say that after "Short Fight" this is NOTHING, i like the you've started with something you put work into. unlike others who sometimes post crap and ask for pitty points. Keep at it.

great job

nice if u made it 3D it would prbably make it top 10

ISuperSaiyan responds:

Thank you. It will get better.