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AHHHHHH, my three movie ear. started new profile so people can't fin my other peices of crap, yep, enjoy and uhh...don't hate me RS fans
Whoops-forgot to say there's 4 WHOLE EGGS!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
i will respondy to most all of your feddback so please leave thank you so much
update:sory for the low rating-some runescape fan with 100000000000.0001
voting power gave me a ZERO...im shoked



I don't see the point. It's very poor and it makes no sense. The idea of using buttons to go to another scene was very annoying.
I'll give you credit on the whole address + card number thing, but thats all..

((( HA )))

Ok well that was kinda funny, when it got to jackson i was very scared heh, it would be cool if you gave the user more controll and creation, instead of just clicking a button, funny though...


Its funny coz its true

I cant believe i used to play RS......
It is soooo true they have shit graphics.... so many hackers...... so many people say little brother have control of their computer...
make another except work on some graphics....
try to make it look a bit better and you'll get rated heaps high

jimmygoode responds:

I can do better graphics, i did that on purpose.

Until it is good

I waited more of the one than this!

jimmygoode responds:


I give you a 5

While it wasnt very well done at all, its the funniest thing I have seen all day, genuinly witty

jimmygoode responds:

you probablt gave me the highest score all day,...wait, all forever

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2.29 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2003
12:50 AM EST
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