Prank Chaos

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UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I hid 2 easter eggs in the movie. Can you find them both?

Well, this is my first portal submission, so please read the following:
-The thick outlines are the movie's graphic style.
-The frame rate is set to 8 fps.
-I'm only beta testing the preloader code, so if the movie doesn't load, click the "stream" button.
-The black button in the upper-left corner in the movie lets you go to the scene selection whenever you want.
-Users with slow connections might want to play with the preloader entertainment (although it isn't much).
-After the guy says "Works every time," you hear a screech. That's supposed to be a police car.
-Well, that's about it. Nothing much more to say except, well, vote fairly, since I worked hard on this movie.


its a good meaning ( those damn pranksters)

well not to great not to bad

z7xfla responds:


That was weird

Why the hell was he flying through the air over a bunch of couches and lamps with that dude's dismembered body? lol, it's funny for what it's worth.

z7xfla responds:

The animation wasn't the best because I made this a looong time ago (he's running but it looks like he's swimming or flying). I've always had a thing where I HAVE to include parallax in what I make, and I decided the living room was the best place to do so.

Thanks for reviewin'.


Not a bad movie, except the voices are uneven. Try to even up your sound a bit before you submit them. I had to keep adjusting the volume throughout the movie to match the volume of the voices. Nice tire screeches by the way =)

z7xfla responds:

Well, I've improved a lot on my voice acting since I submitted this, so next time I submit something it should be better. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed this.

It was great!

I thought it was funny! I'm not just saying that because I know you! Great movie! And to the responce of silentbob24: Linkin Park has a good name? XD lol!
w00t! Keep up the good work

z7xfla responds:

Lol, yeah Silentbob24 doesn't know shit.


don't stain the good name of linkin park by making them a part of this gayfest

z7xfla responds:

Well then, if you think that this movie is gay, why don't you try your hand at it and see how gay YOUR movie turns out to be.

BTW: If you hate one of my movies, you don't have to be an asshole and give a bad review for the other.

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3.11 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2003
2:24 PM EST
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