S&D Ep.6

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"Sex & Drugs" Episode 6.



Pretty cool, the first of this series is pretty awesome. each time it gets cooler.
This had a pretty solid storyline and some great humour and violence.
Awseome ideas and the music was welly selected.
Nice job!

fucking great

that was halarious, brian is the best, i love how he always twiches, i like your taste in music, whats the first song that plays in the movie called? its catchy. this kicks buttocks, ive learned to appreciate the darker things lin life ;)

I love this shit. ^_^

I just watched this whole series, and saw each one get better. The stories and humor got better, and the graphics became even cooler wacky visuals. I added #6 and #5 to my favorites, and you to my favorite authors.
Please keep making flash.

PS: you choose the best music, #5's music was particularly good.

What a waste.

I just watched the whole series, just praying they'd get better. Not on the did story and humor not get any better, but the graphic degenerated as well. I wanted to take that shotgun mouse pointer and shoot all of your characters in the face. Please dont make anymore of these.

Livecorpse responds:

fair enough

Awwwww man!I hope the series isnt over!!

d00d u rule!Keep up the GREAT work man!

Oh by the way,I noticed you borrowed alot of ideas u have used in past movies and put into this one.Like when the mom jumped off the building,that was in "Fun with suicide#3"And I found some other things,but who cares!

Livecorpse responds:

its probly over bud but who knows

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2.47 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2003
10:46 AM EST
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