FPW - Premiere

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FPW backyard wrestling... just a preview. i already made one match already. music by AFI

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Shut your mouth and open your eyes

It was okay. The music didn't fit, but it was okay.

No no no no! Not Wrestling not even hardcore

No offense to you. But this movie is hardly hardcore. It didn't look cool what was this purpose to hurt FPW's reputation?
Graphics: Awful very awful
Style: Some of the hits were very good others sucked. The DDT and jump kick scenes was the worst.
Sound: Music is cool that's about it
Violence: Even though this movie is very awful there's a good amount of violence in it just the way I like my wrestling. Blood and hardcore weapons
Interactivity: The moves were bad so there's not much to say.
Humor: None!
You however get a 2/10. It's just for trying but you sould improve.


WRESTLING ANIMATIONS. try going frame by frame if your going to make it look good. oh and for the limbs. flip them and make them on different layers. oh and reposition the limbs so that there in the right "sockets" im currently working on one.

when they make suicide machines call me

this is lame and what not i thought having AFI playing was one thing but to put them in something lame like that wants me to shot the person who did it (no offence) but try harder

The Macintosh Computer Hater Says...

Why is it that everyone keeps submitting these shit-ass graphics with a huge, uncompressed mp3 file that would otherwise make a 100k file into a 2.5 MB piece of garbage?!?! When I watched one guy jump off some sort of object onto a guy on a table, some character next to them on the ground lying in a bloody heap just disappeared as soon as the leaping dude hit the guy on the table. now THAT'S a serious lack of attention on your part...

Don't even BOTHER to release any more of this shit till you work on your flash skills for another year or 2, because every single one is gonna get killed in the ratings and no one will like you.

Credits & Info

3.46 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2003
6:02 PM EST
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