Tum Ep.1 - Genesis

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Ok, this is my second attempt at making a flash movie. I am using a shitty program called Swish... ppl like to call it babyflash, and they are right, the prog is very simple... at this time im learning flash MX and Siwft 3d, but i havent made a movie yet.. still learning... I made the music from this movie myself with my pc, and im kinda proud of it :) well anyway, just wathc the movie... i know youve seen better, but thissiz my second try so...

ooh yeah, if you know or are a (good) voice actor.. contact me... i tried to doe the voices myslef but it sucked... plz send me comments, suggestions tips etc. so i can improve this movie and work on the next. thanks!

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Heap's cool

Man that is heaps good espcially the music u should be proud of it and the animation isnt that bad either really good work hope u make some more good pieces like this one!!!!!

Pretty Good

keep em comin good work man...next time mayb a lil bit more of a story line also in fight scenes dun have em smile...but gj

Close to Crap

This flash... ahm swish, was pretty bad, i know swish is crap but you got to learn flash and give those characters some legs or something man. The thing that saved it from a 1 was the sound, it was cool but would be better faster with a faster frame rate and better graphics.

Good Job

I never could figure out how to use Swish. good work


Great work man,can't wait till Ep.2 gets here!:D

Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2003
4:34 PM EST
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