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Techno kitty

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Its disco night out for the kitties and there down for some dancing. Click on the cats with the microphone to make them sing in different notes. Click the mc hammer poster on the wall to obtain the hammer and kill them. Use the mike on dead cats to make them sing! use mic on cds to change track and hammer the DJ to end the movie. There are other secrets to click on also! You can also play musical cats after you killed them..... they just make deathly meows when dead....... theres other secret stuff to find with the mic and hammer.. i hope you enjoy and please leave some comments...

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Why do the kitties have to die?

I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhhh I like interactive movies!!! hehe This one is OK!!


I liked making the kittys play music. Killing them at the end was fun. Great choice of music in the credits.


........................... bitch this was crap you little fuckin retard you need you brain taken out and whacked oh to late your brains already dead you idiot


F*CK! That was horrendously horrible. For a second there I though one of the white cats were masturbating. This was a mockery of techno, the cats were disturbing. Here is my real score

Scary=10 Disturbing=10 Disappointment=10 Lack of techno (when techno was promised) =10 Ugliness=10 Overall Bad Score=10

Seriously. This wasn't remotely close to techno, if you wanted it to sound more like techno, don't just have 2 notes playing repetitively next to each other and call it techno. Yes techno is repetitive but not that repetitive, and also it alters slightly each time it repeats a SERIES of beats. The cat pictures look freaky and the sound the cats make when you click on them, irritated my ears. Though it replaced my supply of coffee and kept me up that night. So thank you for waking me up, but not in the manner you did it in.
Please, you have flash, use some actual talent. Animate your own work of art, and go into rehab. Because you have to be high if you think this is good. Oh and please if you do take my advice, don't make stick figure animations. We have enough of that sh*t already.