Pube muppet collection 5

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Pubey's is back! Watch seven of Pubeys adventures in this fifth and final collection! And if you hate pube muppet do not watch this, instead check out some of my better flash such as SBL is in hatred 3 and the latest SBC builder. But if you like pubey then enjoy! And when your done be sure to check out the brand new PM BBS http://www.pubemuppetbbs.cjb.net and official PM site http://www.pubemupit.freeservers.com which was just heavily updated. And this will be the last collection because I need to get back to some of my bigger projects such as SBL is in hatred 4(coming out this Febuary) and Pube Muppet 007:poop another day(coming out this December). But SBC version 2 has one on the way and BlueCherryClock has two on the way! Anyways enjoy! And only watch if you a Pube Muppet fan.



lmao i love it

Pube muppet has been a favorite of mine for a long time keep them coming.

I actually one of the people who like Pube Muppet

I don't know why I just always found the humor to be quite funny. lols

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I just can't get enoguh of the Pube Muppety goodness - it makes me laugh every time. An absolutely legendary collection - I especially recommend the Matrix spoof - it's the best one on here!

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some times insightful. sometimes just funny. poop the poop i ate that poop. or soemthing. so good, sooooo good.

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Long Live the Pube Muppet

All of these were hilarious. Pube Muppet will be around forever so suck on that PM haters.

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Oct 30, 2003
12:12 PM EST
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