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Hiya, This is something I've been working on and off on for awhile... all I can say is that I hope you enjoy it, and too leave a review and a vote please! yeah, and expect more Barbados!
oh and if it gets a little choppy, set the quality lower, YEAH!
Feel more than free to watch my other movies!!!


I think this movie has a great style!

I think this movie has a great style! It´s original and i couldn´t even imagine that i woudl like a movie about this subject! GREAT work man :D

Kick-ass movie!!!

This is a great movie! The start of the movie where they're playing poker is hilarious. The music, voices, and soundFX were awsome! This is easily one of the top 3 flash animations I have ever seen!!

I can't wait till the second episode comes out.

great action flick!

I haven't seen many space films, and moreover ones that contain so much action
that was definitely a good job, and nuts to the last guy who thinks other (probably doesn't have flash done)
but neither do I, atleast I can critique your work based around what it's meant to be
and if you look closely mr. asshole below me, there is a small plot/storyline, the cargo ship has to transport something
there starts your story dumbass
much like many scifi flicks on TV
think about it
ok enough of that
that was definitely great, awesome drawing, nice animation style, and even the humour: "and on your right.... you see missiles OH MY GOD!"
aside from that, it wasn't too short either, just enough to get the story going.... I definitely hope you follow up on this and make another episode

TheOtto responds:

Thanks!! that is definatly my point, I'm glad that you and most others found the time too notice my ways! And BOOO too the other people who don't. Thanks!!


if ur gonna spend a lot of time making animations try to make them decent..... there was a lack of plot and it just kind of floated from one scene to the next

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TheOtto responds:

Well Mr. Asshole, I like to do action, and since you seem to have so much against action and just want this plot you speak of you obviosly won't like this flick. But atleast you were too scared to use your real account name to make this review instead of making a new one specifically to bad mouth my movie. Cheers mate

Watch the comments about Mexicans

The music overpowered the plot. Animation, something out of an old Hanna-Barbara flick.

Characters were flat, as in cut from cardboard.

TheOtto responds:

hmm watch the comments about the mexicans?? does saying a couple of mexicans died makes it a racial thing. Also having no movies of your own i suggest you sit down biatch!! :)

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3.81 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2003
11:19 PM EST
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