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The Trouble With Trobbles

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My first short film in a series. Also my first submission to NG, so I hope it's received well. If you're interested in the game the movie was based on but didn't stay after the credits, go to www.battleon.com . Also, thanks for all the votes and reviews. Feedback is cool to have...even if it's negative.

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YOU ROCK!!!!!~!

#$&# those...uhhhh trobbles right? lol kidding but they are worethless thank you for shareing my idea

You get the blade of awesome award.

LMFAO GREAT ADVENTRUE QUEST MOVIE. Frogzard was funny too. "i will be feeding on your caracuss" the only suggestion is make the voices louder...but you have subtitles so thats okay.

First submission, eh?

Well it's a pretty damn good way to start. Character animations were good for the most part, sound (KMFDM and Prince = Sweeet) was great, and it was pretty damn humorous for a short. The only thing I'd suggest improving is the backgrounds, but it doesn't take much away from the movie. {{{}}}


Good art, animation, and voice. Humorous little story and a cute trobble. I guess the trobble was good for companionship, but nothing else. I'm not familiar with the game it's based on, but the movie looked good. Keep up the good work!!

woooooo go kyle

go kyle go kyle go kyle pro pro pro loved this movie, every minute of it :D all my 5 belonging to this. go kyle go kyle

gank responds:

oooh a review from 'teh lyall'=) i'm honored. heh heh

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4.44 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2003
12:50 PM EST