The Real World

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take a look at some of the symbolism.. before you tell me how 'retarded' it is

materialism.. infinity.. klein bottle
give it some thought! ;)


Its strange and cool

the world is crazy!! i love it. it almost brainwashes u, which is weird, but cool!

very well done

Gusto responds:

excellent, thanks!


Ok this great peice of art is pissing me off!!! LOL its amazing and all but i just cant understand it...ouch its giving me a headace LOL thats why its so good! it makes u think a lot! Great peice make more and ill make sure i buy more advil for my head lol...good job!

Gusto responds:


magnus12 here

that piece of abstract art says to me that this world is in diseray, spiraling, eventualy down into the abyss of doom and gloom. An interesting piece to say the least. Tell me one thing though, what was your inspiration for such a marvelous piece as this? Please just right back on this review. Thank You.

Gusto responds:

Hey magnus :)

Actually I came up with this piece when I was sitting in English class in the back.. being bored.. I just started to think about this world, and how pointless somethings in our society are.. and how in the end it doesn’t really matter anyway..

Well.. I came up with this drawing trying to connect all this.. which I transferred to flash when I got home.

So to answer your question, English class inspired me :P



Not to much I can say about this work. I definetly like it. I gave it a ten for interactive because it makes you think. And if that'snot interactive, then what is?

Gusto responds:

hehehe good point :) Thanks, and forgive me for my 'time-wasting' flashes.. wish I could delete them

yup....thats the real world for ya

you framed it perfectly. Hey, i added you to my portal buddy's. E-mail me or IM me on MSN sometime, I'm almost always on. But right now, I'm either gonna go to sleep or watch a movie (VHS or Newgrounds) because I'm sick. Talk to ya later.

Gusto responds:

dont know about it being perfect ;p but thanks, and will do!

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2.03 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2003
4:52 PM EST
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