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Senõr Gasalaska

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Author Comments

The first Mr.Gasalaska movie.
(Spanish with English subtitles)

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plotting of murders

Even though there wasn't any real violence in this one, I give Senor Gasalaska 2 for plotting of murder. this was seriously cute. "hello, sweetycup." I love that his "fiancee" is dead. Also, the animation is really cute, your style is original and reminds me of the classic cartoons.


Haha, sorry, I just read the previous person's review and it made me laugh so I figured I'd post. This was a cute, stylish animation with a little twist....Like a little vignette. I enjoyed it. And to "MizzDynamite" get the hell over it...hahaha.


no really, that was very funny. sick yes, funny, no.

Ha, great...

Lol, hilarious. What a comedy.

Not as good as the other two...

This is the worst of the three... because it is much too short, and this time you can't laugh at the way he kills people, because he doesn't in this one... so I guess this is a much cleaner one, but he still plots a murder. The others are much better.