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More Moron Movies

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At popular demand I have made More Moron Movies, the second in the series. Watch and feel your I.Q. drop like a lead balloon. Even More Moron Movies coming soon


what the...

Hey god dammit my name is Melvin!!!! At least this makes some sense...The previous moron movies was better

Fun-killer, you are a moron...

...and this movie is for you. I believe you watched the "complete" moron movies? As opposed to "moron movies?" This being the second half of the "complete?" Yes?

Oh, btw, Sean. You've gotten really good a t flash since these were done. Which isn't to say they're any good.

same thing as last time?

omg it was the same thing as last time...you said more moron movies?bah!you didnt make anything except the same thing as last time and i actually feel smarter tyvm

First was funnehier but wahtever

I actually wanted to rate it 8 but im SUCH A NICE GUY BUT I BET YOU WANT MOAR SO I RATED IT A 5 YOU HAPPEH?!

Better than the first.

I actualy got a laugh from this one unlike the first one. It still wasnt that good though

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3.38 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2003
3:35 AM EST
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