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At popular demand I have made More Moron Movies, the second in the series. Watch and feel your I.Q. drop like a lead balloon. Even More Moron Movies coming soon

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so these are random but I found them to be funny with all sorts of random scenes with some crazy moment happening but overall this was pretty funny stuff so nice job on this one I think making these longer would be a nice touch up on these, anyways good film here.

make these longer


It kind of reminded me of "Robot Chicken". Well, that's stop motion. This was still probably too short. At least it had good variety. The animation doesn't quite hold up. What an odd username.

Dang, Ren And Stimpy was so long ago. That's 3 Ms! Maybe my favorite part was the first one. I just like seeing sharks in funny situations. Of course, you get better later.

what the...

Hey god dammit my name is Melvin!!!! At least this makes some sense...The previous moron movies was better

Fun-killer, you are a moron...

...and this movie is for you. I believe you watched the "complete" moron movies? As opposed to "moron movies?" This being the second half of the "complete?" Yes?

Oh, btw, Sean. You've gotten really good a t flash since these were done. Which isn't to say they're any good.

same thing as last time?

omg it was the same thing as last time...you said more moron movies?bah!you didnt make anything except the same thing as last time and i actually feel smarter tyvm

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Oct 27, 2003
3:35 AM EST
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