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Mission Under Fire II

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Author Comments

the 2nd part of an old movie i did a long time ago before i really knew flash.

The runs at around 10 - 11 minutes in length and is hopefully worth the file size.

I had a few problems with the sound but in my opinion they all seem to fit and work ok now so hopefully it won't cause too much trouble. Also, i hop that the music is ok!

I did the voices with a little prog called talkany, it seems to work ok to me so hopefully it will succeed in its task.

There is a write up in the menu of the 1st part and the first part is on my site of which there is a link to if you want to take a look at it, but be warned, it's a frame by frame stickman animation without sound!

So, please enjoy the movie, and feel free to review, as all help will come in handy for the 3rd and probable final part to the series, of which I intend to have run over 30 minutes in total length at least.


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good damn good

i think its GOOD real good but i have a question wot is that music as it starts


i remember that scene where he is chased down by the plane in Erased with Shwarchenagger


I've seen tactical diplomacy, it is one of my favorite movies. If I had to choose which one is better, TD would be the winner. But this isn't a comparison review. Your movie seemed kinda sloppy, but still okay I guess. By the way, I would've given you a slightly better score if you hadn't had a defensive hissyfit on that last review. And it doesnt make sense how Masterofcarnage said he read your email and responded to it the day after it was submitted in his review and you said you didn't receive it until 15 days later. But your movie hasn't even been submitted for 15 days. So you lied.

NuttyBanana responds:

aye my bad, i read the upload date wrong =/ but as for the defesnive part, you said it yourself, the movies don't compare, so why shouldn't i be defensive when someone comes saying that i've just about totally ripped them off??? it wasn't a hissyfit you buttplug, i had my say, i haven't ripped him off. And back to that e-mail, according to the dates, he reviewed the movie before mailing back to me, so spankeh my monkah biaaaatch. So, as you seem so in love with MoC and all you've done is refer to him, go away as you're not really reviewing, you're just a brown nose, now go away, get an account, and do some animations yourself.


Even though the characters and some other things in this movie are a TOTAL RIPOFF of my movie, Tactical Diplomacy, I still gave you a 5 out of 10. The similarities I saw in this movie compared to mine were one, the character design (ESPECIALLY the main character), and two, the bullet circling scene. By the way, I got your email asking me for an okay to submit this movie because you knew it was just like mine. Which I dont know why you did because you submitted the movie anyway without my reply or permission if you'd like to call it.

NuttyBanana responds:

ok, first off, the character design has been used before your movie, the only thing similar is the colour scheme used. Other than that, I can't see what i've 'RIPPIED OFF' from you, lol and how the hell can you say i rippied the bullet scene from you?? the only thin similar with mine and yours is the the bullet spins round, seen it before, will see it again, not all from you. I uploaded this movie and finally recieved your email 15 days later, can you blame me for uploading it? This movie is nothin like yours so you must have missunderstood the email i sent you. Anyways, looking foward to TD2 none-the-less :)

very nice

at first i questioned ur abilities but after the plane and bullet scenes i relized u just kept ur old ideas....very well done....by the way those ingine intakes would have sucked him in

NuttyBanana responds:


and as for the engines, baaah, made a good little action scene the way it is imo =)

Thanks for the review

Credits & Info

3.42 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2003
1:26 PM EST