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A silent short.


Black and white

Hmm, a black and white movie.
Interesting, and it have also a very good story line.
Your graphics were good.
It was a black and white movie, and it had also not much sound.
But you said that it was a silent short so that´s ok.
Only the ending had sound, with the knife, and the short music.
There was alot of violence at the ending that we not really could see, only thing we heard was a guy with a knife that attacked the poor guy.
But maybe you can explain why the bad guy used a knife against him, did he hated him or did he wanted to rob his money?
His personality was a bit too positive, he was positive about how the city looked like while it was almost destroyed.
Interactivity was only play button.

Good message

There is a good message in that film. I like the concept and I like the story.

To the retards the complained about wanting sound... ITS SUPPOSE TO BE A SILENT FILM!


While I love black and white flash, I must say this seemed a little bit on the "not quite done" side. I did noice the backgrounds and shading, so I am not totally trashing the movie. What is the reason for the lack of sound until last few moments of the movie? It really helps the overall flow of the movie to see have accompining music. The very end looked nice, the best part of the movie. Good luck, this shows a lot of potential.



hey micheal this is Rory, that was a gooder short i would have done a badder one then that, probebly about rape

Made me cry

Jesus this was sad... I would've liked to hear more sound... but it was a good, short, effective flash. Good work man

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3.70 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2003
1:50 AM EST
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