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Space - Fire
Arrow Keys - Up, Down, Left, Right



Ive seen this too many times make sumthing new..........

pikas big

Pikachus to big but its good

Awesome job!!

Grahpics - a little hard to make out some of the things, though the contrast of pick-ups design and the actual pokemon was great. Awesome job for using that Anime Wolf too. (I can't remember the title fo the show for the life of me v.v)

Style - Pokemon. Hunting. 'Nuff said.

Sound - Very scratchy or loud, or repeitive, ect. One of the few flaws.

Violence - Not too extreme, though the explosions of the pokemon could have been better.

Interactivity - It's a game, of course it's interactive.

Humor - See 'Style'.


Overall, I really liked it. It wasn't breath-takingly new, but it was amusing in it's own way.

Oh. My. God.

Ok, now, at some point in time, one of these three games had to have been made first. And it sucked. So, you made a second, and it sucked. So you made a THIRD!?!?! I'm not saying this was the third game, but dear God, stop the horrible games! I mean, you could at least come up with ORIGINAL crap! The sound? Sucks. Gameplay? Sucks. Graphics? Suck. Everything about this game sucks, and I'm surprised the AUTHOR made it past the portal. He deserves to be blammed, as do the people who let this string of craps survive.

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Hmm, a hunter of pokemon...how much do you get paid an hour to do that...You could have had a better plot.. other than that the game was ok. I like how you could change you fire, but if you had made your own enemies and players other than just coping other material it would have been better.

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3.64 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2003
2:53 AM EDT
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