Srawberry Clock's RUN!

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the first FULLY 3D movie that ive ever made. im really sorry to say that its so short, but its the best i could do. I tried to make my best 3D. It took lots of time and effort, so please leave a review.
sit back and enjoy the movie.




uh ok

uh it was ok i like it abit it was good i have 2 say

It's not that good, but for a first time....

It's not that good, but for a first time it is quite addicuite.

I guess this movie can pass the reviews, because it's a first timer, and because it's original in it's way of presentation.

By the way, I think you could of sharpen up some things in your movie, but on the other hand, it's cool for a first. Way to go bro +)


^^Good Points^^
Interesting to see a three dimensional movie like this, I've seen very few. I am glad you made the filesize a little bit higher instead of sacrificing quality, good move there. The quality was in fact quite high. I liked the speakonia, and the ending was pretty funny as well.

^^Needs Improving^^
Honestly, I wouldn't mind waiting much longer for this to load and have a longer storyline to watch. You should really try this style with a better storyline with more going on. This seems like more of a test.

Sweet clocks getting hurt finaly

The one and olny problem with this is that it was way to short need to make it longer and mabye some one shoots the clock or the clock gets blown into 10000 parts that would rule

okay...answer one question...and that alone...

Do you hate Clock Crew? or do you like them and want to make them feel all fuzzy inside?

ClockCrew sucks- LOODLE LOOO!!!!

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3.24 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2003
2:18 PM EDT
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