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(2003)Jacob II

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Yeah, i was lame...well, i still am!

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I'm surprised this has a fairly low rating! It won the Daily Feature it deserved. I'm just so glad you made another one of these. This didn't have anything to do with Halloween. Well, there was still violence of some kind. Barbara Streisand sounds pretty good.

That was pretty funny at the end. It was just great to see all this random gore. It kind of reminds me of "Happy Tree Friends". Well, with actual talking. It looks like it says, "Jacob the second".

Wonder why the screen's so small in this one? The animation's awesome as always though, and the guy dropping his head all the time, lmao... morbid comedy! :D Keep it going!


5 stars for my sweet fiance Zealotlee for being a great "That gray shirted guy". Lol, this is sooo old but it's still funny to me as much as when I was like 15! <3


That was awsome....MR TIZZBO RULES ALL!


its violence, randomness, clay people, an explosion, and a guy getting killed by his own arm, all in one... what more is there to ask for?