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Originally created in three weeks time, around May of 2000. It was sitting on my hard drive collecting dust, so why not share my old creation with the NG community?

I make NO EXCUSES regarding this Flash. Remember it was made three and a half years before Guido & the gang were ever in existence. In 2000, most of you guys were still kicking around in your mother's womb! Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration...


Quite amusing!

Even though this is made on an older version of Flash, it was a pretty funny and well done film. Now I've seen everything: a Sheep Super-Hero. In general, the sheep sound effects and attacks of the CyberSheep were quite comical, but what I really enjoyed was the villains, because they were different looking. I also enjoyed this because it reminded me more of a parody of Super-Hero shows.
Although the graphics aren't the style that your other movies remind Me of (because the others look more professional looking), I still really thought they matched up with the concept. I think you should make a sequel, it would be grand!

Not bad for an older work

I thought it was funny how a one little thing doomed the bad guy. I never knew body armor could shoot stuff like that. The sound coud be a little better. The humor makes this submission.

This was pretty good!

I liked it! I dont see why it has such a low rating.

There were good graphics and animation and such, good sound quality and the what not.

Everybody is talking about resemblances to Power Rangers.
I see no such thing.

Anyways, a fine peice of flash.


this made me think of ninja turtles and power ranger

I demand more cybersheep!

I don't care that this is a 3/4 year old flash. The fact is it still looked 10 times better than most things posted here on a daily basis. The idea of an Arnie-like cheep was just ridiculous enough to keep me amused throughout and the 'cyberkatana!' yell made me laugh even more as I though about Power Rangers.
This really isn't as bad as everyone seems to be making out.

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3.23 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2003
4:58 AM EDT