FF - Dickie's Adventure 1

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Updated, hehe.

okay, it survived the NG Portal..:)
i am VERY sorry for the letters (buttons), they are very hard to click, next movie (part 2 of Dickies quest, duh) will be better, better music, better..everything.



OMFG, n00b, not-1337 :S LOL, that's the stuf (not stfu :P) you are saying..>Retard< ... Learn english, (my grammer sux 2, but who karez :P) experiment with flash and THEN come to this site. Not like this:

Sumbit Flash to this site, Learn Flash, Learn English.

Oh God this shit's unbearable

Either improve or give up flash, please, for all of us. :(

Good but this these things are getting old

I liked it a lot but it got boring after a while. The button pressing was annoying otherwise pretty nice job

I like reviews

I kinda liked it..
But next time make the next buttons not changing position every line cuz i felt like playing sum game were reaction counts..

good music also.. story is a bit boring and slow..

Well, my movies need to be reviewed!!

Final-Stick666 responds:

hehe...thanks RadonTM...i'm counting you as a friend now !! :) Add me on MSN

Not even

How boring...what the hell is the point? to many bad ff spiffs...this has to rank one of the lowest...the letters were to hard to click by the way

Final-Stick666 responds:

okay, next time, better graphics and better buttons

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1.54 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2003
2:59 PM EDT
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