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lol what the .... this is messed up why would any one wanna watch flies screw?!

Needs work

Well it was very short and didnt have much so you may want to re-work this one, more content is needed, anyways better luck next time

Needs more content and effort

needs more work but its cool



the joke was actually kind of funny, but the flash was basically just a quarter second loop and really merits no artistic praise as a flash animation, after all its not even drawn its just a photo with one vibrating part.


Wow, I fail to see how this is a good flash cartoon, as it kinda isn't. It's two frames long only, with the fly on a slightly different part each time. Sure, he's got a speech bubble, but there really isn't any humor in this, even though that's what you were going for. It was just a couple pics, no background, no sound, that doesn't made for a good flash.

Complete utter pointless crap

2 flies having sex, it's just a picture you pasted into flash and you animated the male fly so it moved and then you added in a speech bubble, it was a 2 second movie that had nothing to it, it wasn't at all funny, or interesting, this was just a complete pile of shit.