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Seppuku Zoo - Kangaroo

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This is the third installment of SEPPUKU ZOO, with a kangaroo as our next object of enjoyment. My last episode, starring the beloved Snail, got a bad review by a fellow Newgrounds user, saying that he was "offended by the artist". namely, Me.

Welcome to America people! Freedom of speech ring a bell? If you are offended by me, or ANYTHING on this website, I (or anyone else submitting for that matter) could give a rat's patootie. If you enjoy these submissions, thanks for all the votes, and hopefully a front page slot!




i was laughing my head off at the end, then i thought "hey it's the end" and got bummed out. longer please


LOL!!! Thats somewhere i wanna go, cuase when im pissed when i see crappy flashs, shooting a kangaroo in the face is just what i need. GREAT FREAKIN JOB YOUR HILARIOUS.


Nice dictonary-esque tellings of the title. It makes sense now. Nice simplistic drawings, with a great closing song. You know what animal I want to see seppuku? An iguana. I know, I know, but think about it. It could really work.


not even mildy funny..

this piece would make me cry sooner than laugh.. i guess its directed to the simple population

Buttload of boring crap......

The single greatest idea, the worst possible execution. Less then then 30 seconds with no setup, and no real punchline. It doesn't even take place in a zoo! This has to be one of the most unoriginal flashes I've seen in a while. Oh and BTW, I wasn't offended... you seem to have doubly failed here....

P.S. And if you tell me I can't have an opinion about how lousy this movie is because I've never submitted to NG (note I DIDN'T say I've never made Flash), then I say your an idiot and that you can't have an opinion on any feature film, television show, or piece of popular music, because you've never made any of those.

Seppuku-Zoo responds:

Actually, I can, because I have filmed 2 movies, was part of several bands AND have written music and songs for them, plus was on a cable access show for three episodes, so yes, I HAVE made them. The fact that you are getting so worked up over this, makes me laugh out loud. You are the idiot my friend, for getting pissy over a simple cartoon. Thanks! ;)

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3.10 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2003
8:52 PM EDT
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