The First Graders ep.1

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South Park Based Parody with diff chars
This is my first cartoon flash... It took about a week to make.. this is kind of a preview just to show u who the characters are n stuff.... but its about 4 1st graders who have to play dodgeball against 3rd graders.


nice 1

i liked the music alot! it made the cartoon alot funnier maybe u shud have tryed to make the dodgeball match more dramatic maybe by having one of the 1st graders against like a whole horde of 3rd graders and making him get hit like i gunno ten....... no twenty times! overall this made me laugh the whole way through and it has potential! Keep up the gd work!


ok if your going to make a flash, put more dffort into it, and if that was the best you could do, then at least edit it!!!

LiLTriCK3 responds:

Hey buddy i liked all the flashes u made.. very nice... not even one... dont judge me punk.. this was my first cartoon so give me a break... maybe i wont edit it because i dont feel like workin on this series ne more.... when u make a flash that makes it on newgrounds and has a better rating than my flash... ill delete this cartoon and never make a flash again... until then.. get a life buddy..

ps i made this when i was 15.. and it still has a better rating than those who made flashes who are like 30

Good God.

What's that smell? It smells... something like.. a... bad rip-off. Of what you ask? South Park? Yes, yes I do smell a bad rip-off of South Park.

LiLTriCK3 responds:

yeah such a rip off... a south park parody i made with my own brains... and im gonna keep making these just to make u mad

Good style

Overall the plot was great. The artwork was rather scratched up but still managed to beat my pathetic stick figure flash animations by about this much | |

Still it was a good south park theme however the music needs to be blended together somehow. Dude that was the ugliest muscley bitch/bastard (I dont know what gender that was)that i have ever seen on flash! Keep up the good work

LiLTriCK3 responds:

thanx for the advice man :)

ha`that kicked ass

Dude, I LOVED that. Especially the bit when the guy in the nike hat came out.....that fucking ruled. I think all around this was a kick ass movie. You got my 5 man. Next time, maybe make the music flow from one part to another more smoothely, like when you have the southpark intro and then a gap before the next song...maybe get rid of that. Other than that, Kudos to you! THAT KICKED ASS!!!! sooo fucking funny

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LiLTriCK3 responds:

Thanx for the good review man and thanx for the tips... The next episode is gonna be better and longer than this.... its gonna have two different conflicts goin on at the same time like in the real south park... but thanx man it makes me smile :)

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2.52 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2003
8:41 PM EDT
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