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TMFO #2 (Bill Clinton)

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TMFO #2 (Bill Clinton)

My (9th) Movie


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These are funny, even if its old as my granny, i still chickled somewhat and all the differant pictures shows some funny stuff from the past of bill clinton and that was a long time ago but i liked it, you should make something new.


XwaynecoltX responds:

Thank you for the review.


not better

well you used the same sound witch is ok. there was some interactivity and a little humor. there was also some violence

the sound ended after a certain amount of time again. wel some of it weren't even about bill clinton.

still needs work

Once Again, You Need to Improve, Sorry

--The Good--

Well, once again, the sound was okay, and the graphics and style were, too. Also, there was a little bit of interactivity.

--The Improvement-Needing--

The sound, while not bad, was kind of repetitive. It wasn't very funny.


Overall, I gave you a 3. As with the reviews of your other submissions in the 'TMFO' series, you definately need to improve.

Not a far cry ahead of your TMFO on Bush

As I said in my previous review; My advice to you wayne is to spend more time on your captions. State the joke, then write the explaination on why that 'face' or picture is funny or truthful.

As things look to me now this is just a slide show of all the funny pictures of Clinton, and nothing more. Besides this gives the impression that you're submitting these files just so you can pad your flash submission numbers.

Please try to extend the quality of your work rather than submiting just for quantity. If you do this, I'll write you nicer reviews ;)

another great ep

Another hilarious addition to the 'The Many Faces Of' series yet again! I've noticed so far all your episodes are to do with presidents, and I love those kidns of parodies they are utterly hilarious. Not as funny as the George W Bush one but pretty good nonetheless, good work :)

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3.58 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2003
11:52 PM EDT