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Wow what A journey. Thank you so much.


ok that kinda suprised me...but don't mean i didn't like it!

cool stuff!

fifened to the max

Marvelous! Magnifico!

Static responds:

Aww ty man I <3 you

Pretty Good

Man this was sick love how you did it, just u shoulda made it longer thats the main downside but all in all sick as, keep it up!:)

not the best but im guessing you knew that

lol, quite random. Not sure where to start on this one. erm. graphics 3 as the frame rate was very low and it was just photos, but that being said the best claymations are just photos. However, i can sympathise as i tried a claymation and it takes eons so I wouldnt be surprised if you got bored. Style i gave 3 mainly cos it was more personal but not very stylish but oh well. Sound 3 as the guitar was all fuzzy and that was the only sound there. Voilence 5 as it was all violence but the stop motion was a bit jerky. No interactivity except play button so i gave that 1. Humor 6 as i found the animation generally quite amusing as I used to make stop motions like this all the time and it brought back memories (such fun, lol). Overall i give you seven cos it brought back memories and was a giggle. The advice i could give you though is increase how many pictures you take. If you do that the animation will be alot more fluent and then people will appreciate your work more.

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4.38 / 5.00

Oct 18, 2003
4:05 PM EDT
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