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You know those cutesy girls that post in a messaged forum and they are a moderator before you know it and they hate men? Well this is her Skoto.

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Acid Neccesary

Seriously, what was going on? Suns exploding, angels, blood. I felt like I was looking through the eyes of Jimi Hendrix while I was watching this video. Next time, make it more clear cut.



The song was really bad. And why did the sun blow up? Then come back? And then the (alleged) girl has (menstrual?) blood on her? I do not understand your mysterious symbolism, it must be way too deep for me I guess because you are the Zen master of crappy movies that have bad songs and impotent supernovas. So please do not make PART TWO: THE RETURN OF THE CRAPPY SPONTANEOUSLY EXPLODING SUN AND HIS WACKY BLOOD SOAKED FRIEND WHO MAY OR MAY NOT BE A GIRL. Thank you.


After the sun blew up the whole movie went downhill.


Despite what others are saying, I thought this started out very well. But what seems to be an incurable plague around here is that the flash movies are starting out very well and then just abruptly end for no reason, leaving everyone with blank faces saying, "what the fuck just happened?"

While this wasn't the typical blood and guts flash presentation, this could have been something very cool. I thought the soundtrack was perfect for this (that and every time I hear this song I think of the movie Charlies Angels and Cameron Diaz is dancing in tight ass underwear).

But seriously, why the fuck was there blood and an angel?

I hope you make a series out of this for some closure, or remake it so we can figure out the ending. I HATE GUESSING!

What happened to the guy?

Did the guy get hit by a truck
was he shot, oh well

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2.55 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2001
10:02 PM EST