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Double Dragon

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Alright shitlings. You can start hitting me with your bad reveiws I can take it. Anyways. Jimmy Lee And Billy Lee Get into a fight because Billy hasn't forgivin Jimmy for kidnapping his girlfriend in Double Dragon. Watch the crazy stuff they do.

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No just no

Crappy all the way, 2 for effort, bad sprites, lazy animation, slow fighting dull humor. Thats all I can say, nice try, but no sigar.

not bad

it was alright i thought it was kinda funny i liked it

Probably the first Double Dragon parody on NG.

Considering how old this is i know this was probably great back then and considering the lack of Double Dragon parodies back then i'm sure this was a plesant surprise to watch in 2001.

not too bad

i know u tried to do it justice,but the animation wasn't good,but i liked it when the zambonie ran over billy.please try harder,you have a good idea