Jet Death 3

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This is the 3rd addition to Jet Death 3. And if anyone is wondering, I did get one of tha tie fighter models from a downloadalbe flash mov.

Have fun!


Hey I like

I like the too AHHHHHHHHH!!!s and the NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!s and pointless flashbacks its funny

DXT responds:

U mean from the robot? He is the best character possibly. But thanks for your vote!!!


not too bad.. the graphics sucked, and the audio was a bit repetitive, but the story line was pretty funny...

DXT responds:

Atleast I can make graphics, And how is the audio a bit repetitive? But anyhow I appreciate you giivng me a 9.


Really I think it would be hallarious if the graphics were better and you could understand it more... But really maybe if you had gone for the "I purposefully made the graphics look bad for effect" ploy it might have been more funny. I wanted to give you a 2.5 but I grant you benifit of the doubt.

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Yeah, you have a good plot, but the grafics could be better.... The goods ones, the spaceships were stolen of flashkit games...
sorry dude

anyway, you score now is 1.92

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DXT responds:

How could it be stolen if it's from a flash where you can publicly download off of? And the score is passed 2.25 :P . It would be nice if ppl could look past the grafix sinc ethe movie is great :sigh:

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0.78 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2003
8:50 PM EDT
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