TUC #200

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TUC #200

This is the #200 milestone comic for The Unoriginal Comic(http://disasterlab
s/Tunod). Took me almost 3 weeks to finish.


Buck Futter!

God, so hilarious, loved it! The sprites could have been a little bit better animated, but overall its a good one!

SNL is funny.`

Your flash sprite was ok, but the Sean Connery one looked more like Kenny Rogers.

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BlackMageNasu responds:

It's Dr. Light...

Not really good

It was ok but the jokes really sucked.

BlackMageNasu responds:

Not an SNL/Sprite comic/flashmovie fan, eh? Oh well. :3

Celebrity Jepordy rules

I love celebrity Jepordy and I love flash. It's the best of both worlds. Great job.

I dunno if the previous reviewers know this

But that's not a fake laugh track. That's real laughter.

Hmm, I can't give you too high of points, because although it made me laugh, you're not the one responsible for causing me to laugh. In fact, you didn't actually do all that much, when you think about it. You took existing sprites, an existing audio file and just synced them together. So, basically, you had no creative input. You were just a middle man. I do like the audio track, however. At least you have good taste in humor.

I'm not trying to be mean, just honest. If you made your sprites/characters, or your own audio track, I'd give you higher points, but you didn't.

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3.62 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2003
1:18 AM EDT
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