Shoot The Targets

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A Little Cool Flash Game Made By Me! Shoot the same target a lot of times for more points


Not bad

Although if you shoot a target it doesn't disappear straight away.. So you can keep shootin at it.. I got 551 :D

not bad

quite a good little game...

but it seemed to crash on me at toward the end?
it would come up with the end screen for a second, then back to the game, with the targets just popping up and disappearing, only to reappear somewhere else (not like in the game, sort of flicking around)

be cool to see this with:
- different kinds of targets
- bullet holes

Pretty cool game..

It was a pretty fun game to play. Making the gun move in the direction of the mouse is something that is pretty simple to make, but some people don't do so I give you props on that. The targets were pretty easy to hit, but it was fun shooting them. So easy to get tons of points by repeatedly shooting them :) The inclusion of a time limit was smart too. You put a good amount of effort into this work and I wonder what your next idea will be? Good job overall!


Check out my own shooting game if you're bored!;)

really good game..

just make the limit of time, well, extend it/make it longer, aside that, good job

It's an 8

Pretty good game. Probably in the next version make a longer time limit and it will be great. Keep flashing

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2.58 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2003
3:55 PM EDT
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