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Windows2003 (Pre-Release)

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Author Comments

Hi everbody! i'm sorry for this second release of win2003, but if you've read the "Authors comments" of the other version, you might understand it.

Before you vote, note that I don't make this to show "that i can make a better Windows" because, i can't!!

-I fixed in this version the mediaplayer, the shut-down button and the sounds in the games.

If you have a slower computer, (like 350 Mhz) I recome to go to the startmenu, click OPTIONS and click the "monitor button" and set the "Windows Detail" to LOW.

I also recome to set your screen resolution to 800x600 pixels for the best result.
Have fun with this Pre-release!!

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geting in

Click after "C:/WINDOWS" and type "win".


I can't seem to get in =3 can u help


Cool i like it thuoh i have a suggestment why dont yoy make it look like the real windows?

Really good flash.

You did an extremely great job on this version. The only way this could get better is if there were any funny events such as ridiculous errors.