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Buddha's AmazingAdventure

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Buddha has a great adventure, and meets a character known as Mr. Greenley (with one of my teachers as his inspiration) and they have great fun!

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This is quiet funny, I dont see how the score is low though.
The animation was fluid, the music was good and the jokes were pretty well done.

8.5/10 Graphics

8.5/10 Animation

8/10 Humor

10/10 Unique

+5 (Origanality) (Fart Joke)

Also, Ive made an Icon for this.
Hope you like it!
(I voted 5 btw, It deserves better than 2.34)


fun to watch. i like how u draw e buddha


the fart jokes were a little overboard, but I am a Buddhist and I liked it. I'm sure Buddha would have laughed.

Not funny/anything, waste o time, should b blammed

Why did you submit this? For starters, there's nothing funny about it. If Buddhists want to watch something from the gutter, they'll watch south park thank you very much. Please try to understand that making Buddha loudly fart several times at once, then start to dance ridiculously to 'don't touch this'. And then to, 'Hennery the 8th I am' with your teacher Mr. Greenley, makes Buddha look very undignified to the point where he looks idiotic. Making it offensive to Buddhists and their religion, as it will make their religion and their beliefs seem idiotic in your eyes. Or, in the eyes of anyone who would find this even remotely funny. The graphics are sub-par, you didn't even try. And I’m not even going to comment on your music with no sound. In short you should be ashamed of yourself, and apologetic to anyone you have offended. This movie should be blamed. And you should banned from newgrounds. This kind of derogatory potty humour is unacceptable.

This is not Accurate

The movie was going okay until you got to the wondering monk and the meditation. I understand that you did not mean to offend any Buddhist but being a Buddhist myself, I was not amused with this but I rated on how it was made and not on what it was about. A Fair rating, I believe.

Hybrination responds:

OMG! this isnt meant to be accurate... I am making irrelevance in it.. My teacher makes a guest appearance.. I HIGHLY doubt that is accurate.. I didnt ever mean for it to be.