Bad Luck

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another clay.......DONT TAKE THE DOLLAR!!!!!!!!!!!! O)


funny......thats it..nothing else...i'm serious

It was really funny.....but you should make it m uch longer than that.....its funny when the sticks go in to his face LOL.....so make it longer,and more well,like a story but not a 500-page story put it for at least 5 mins.So i give a 10 for Humor and if there was.. a 1000 for comedy

not bad

it was an alright claymation. pretty random overall, but it was alright to watch.


That made me laugh. You've got good potential to be a clay animator.

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very funny i liked it

very funny, good idea but not a good sound.
why does the building collaps???

stop motion is fun..

stop motion is fun, but it has to go about something. Maybe you can let them have a conversation or something like that. And then they go kill the crap out of their buddy's.
I gave you a 3 on sound because it wasn't timed that good. And when someone picks up a dollar, the building next to it doesn't collaps...
anywayz i like stop motion and please continue making these, i know they will only get better.

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McFrizz responds:

I like stop motion to.....is that is what he was talking about.....it waz right....yeah it was...

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2.22 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2003
4:14 PM EDT
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