Mario VS Jesus - Part 1

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08/10/03 - Edited Scenes Because A Sprites Copied Throughout Scenes By Mistake.....

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Around 3 years or so back, in my perpetual void of boredom, i found this movie. it gave me hope, inspiration and the need for flash.

Now i come back and realise its shit

Wth 10/10 5/5 cause this got me into newgrounds

No! Thats not cool.

I cant enjoy an inaccurate flash. These are the flaws I saw;
1. Jesus taught turn the other cheek, that doesnt meen he'd use Luigi as a meat shield
2. Mario is the Italian stereotype (in most cases* that includes being catholic) so he wouldnt attack Jesus. (* I'm not saying all Italians are catholic, but theres no deneiging alot of stereotypes are often true)
Also, I think you took a large risk using religion in your flashes plot line. From the way you animate, I think it would be better if you took a funny approach.


Never has the phrase "y helo thar choppy flash animation" been able to be used in a more perfect setting. A good plotline has been severely harmed because either you put your fps WAY too low or you're still getting the hang of flash animation. The sounds were good, the spirtes were used well enough, and the flash itself was pretty entertaining, just the animation needs a complete overhaul.

That was not so good

<The Good Points>
None, I didn't like anything about this flash =(
<The Bad Points>
The animation was bad, not because it was sprites, but it just looked bad. You mixed Mario, Sonic, and Jesus into one flash, which is a turn off on flashes, and the music, it was annoying and didn't go well with you flash.

Practice and get better!


I want my five minutes back.

Even after seeing the title, I figured, "what the hell, it can't be that bad, can it?"

There was virtually no animation to speak of, the dialogue was atrocious, the concept didn't live up to what little the title promised, and what plot there was was painfully slow.

What did you think? "Blasphemy and blood on screen make cartoon FUNNY"? Comedic blasphemy, IMO, requires a much subtler hand than this -- or an even more over-the-top one. And violence for the sake of violence is not necessarily amusing.

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2.84 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2003
12:10 PM EDT
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