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Star Fox Misadventures

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I noticed there weren't many Star Fox parodies on NG, so I made one. If you like Star Fox Adventures, you'll like this. If you hate Star Fox Adventures, you'll love this. Also, the main complaint in my last movie was the graphics, so I made some snazzy 3D scenes! Also, look for 4 All Your Base references. Enjoy.

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Starfof universe

The art style in this was pretty good and the story I liked as well stuff sucks for tricky though the effects in it were well done the parts where they are all like FOX were good too

Yes, I remember back when All Your Base was huge. The animation was really good in this. I just thought it really fit the story. I'm glad Prince Tricky finally died. It seemed like such an easy thing. My favorite part is probably at the beginning.

The CGI was quite good. I loved the "Perfect Kirby" reference. Dang, I wish the next one would be completed. I'm surprised there isn't a Star Fox collection. Maybe there is, but this just isn't there.

I love the ending, when they say what we eating. Oh its just tricky and some vegtables say fox! funny.

what does the fox say? DO A BARREL ROLE!!