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NSG002:Spot 5 differences

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Author Comments

I suggest you play 'Spot the Difference' rather than this game.

This was just a test. Mainly submitted to get feedback before I continued. I didn't expect it to survive.

Thanks to Emagdnim678, TheShrike and The_Super_Flash_Bros for a useful online tutorial about how to disable the tab button.

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A Demo for a difference game?


it's only one level?
next button doesn't make nothing
you can't compare it with spot the diferences
but it was ok XD

Bezman responds:

Yeah. Just a test before I started making proper pics. I wasn't sure if folk would want a StD game!

i found it easy

it was a good game but using the magic eyes trick i found them all in about 3 seconds, the next button didn't work either, improve mabye?

Bezman responds:

Play 'spot the difference'. This was a demo.


It was allright, i would like to see tehre being more time and just load it with really small diffrences. Also u should have like lvlv, so u have like This amount of time to find say like 10 diffrences, then when that time is up it tells u how many u found then shows u were the other ones r then goes to the next lvl with maybe not be a picture of just lines. That would be really cool. also im sorry for any spelling mistaks i have like less and a min to write this b/c i need to go do a shit load of work out side! allrigth soo work man keap it going

Bezman responds:

Cheers for taking the time to do the review.

It's great to hear another person's thoughts.

Levels - I do have another game: Spot the difference. That has 10 levels. Though you only progress if you actually win each level.

Being able to progress regardless is something I shall muse upon.

5 for sound? Heh. Thanks.

You should definitely check out my 'Spot the Difference' game. I'd love to hear what you think of that!

Stay funky,
- Bez

Well you were right

Well I checked out spot the five differences first, but your author comments said come to this one. You are right with the way thigns are the otehr one is notthing compared to this one.
I would suggest some sound to go with this mabye at least a sound when you fidn somethign and another when you click on the right area.
Actually IO would have put a longer time limit on the last board. Or a limited number of guess. The way it is it is way too easy. With the time you give on most of the other boards it not too hard to find any of the difference in them with a few looks. I got the the rotating purple thigns with easy. That was probably the hardest level for me compared to the rest. Still other than one difference it wasn't too hard. That graphics could be better, the animation was ok. If you plan on do anything like this again more levels and harder.

Bezman responds:

I think you meant to review "Spot the Difference" but clicked to review "Spot 5 differences" accidentally.

I'll pretend this review was left for that other game.

I review your review:
You give more constructive criticism than ever here. Nice elaboration on suggestions re: final level.

Some useful feedback on personal experience/performance.

No specific praise, which is amazing for you. Still, a generally positive mood prevails and your review seems to focus on possible improvement rather than simply slating it as some might.


Thanks again for giving me all this feedback. Been lovely to read.

Stay healthy and alive. Stay funky and excellent.
- Bez

Credits & Info

2.76 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2003
6:04 PM EDT