Ball Factory

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it occured to me the other day that i have no idea where most of the products i use come from, what they're made out of, and what effect they have on local/international economies.
so this is about consumerism.


not what you think it is

the balls were made from the dead bodies of the cave dwellers from their graveyard and made from the dead skin which is rubbery. the cave dwellers were mad about that and thought is very disrespectful to their deceased. they retaliated by burning anyone who has a ball. after the surface people saved the child they used the bodies to make more rubber balls

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just as i suspected

dragon balls!

i get it

the surface people the blue cave guys were a threat so they were killed. the blue guys were tacking revenge. the guys on the surface thought they were vishous but it was there fault because they were killing them to make stuff the cave guys were just trying to show there point . they should live in harmoniy . it really makes you think. sorry for my bad spelling

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Thought provoking and interesting

I don't know why, but I'm drawn to this flash by your art style It's not incredibly detailed, but yet it's quirky and cool in its own way! I like how it (appears to be) is set on another planet; this shows us that what happens in our backyard happens all over the world.

I see it this way: the little lever that kinda breaks in the beginning causes the ball to roll; longer it rolls, the more the problem "snowballs." Then the solution is out of our reach when it falls into the cave. Business will lose money, so he (maybe the colorful guy) goes to get the working men (blue w/ brown pants) to solve it. Hence the propaganda/advertisement tower. I think the blue lizards represent the problems, and the little spots of light are "cracks in the system." So when he finally gets the ball, he has been deluded into thinking everything is better by the powers that be.

Anyway, I enjoyed it and it made me think. Nice work!

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I get the meaning. The rich are on top of the poor. When the poor try and strike back they're beaten down. It's off thier backs that the factories run to give luxories to the ones on top. Excellent man, truly excellent!

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