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(junk)TLZ-The Tornado

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I had an idea in my head for a parody so I made this up. It's a quick short but ou'll get a cheap laugh out of it.
BTW, The note at the bottom of the credits refers to the guy I repeatedly ask(/beg) to get on NG and watch this shiz! :P
The song is called Flaming Hyrule, I made it ;)

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Meh, I just couldn't get into this at all. I liked the drawing of link and how he moved but the story was silly and didn't go anywhere. You need to work on making the story more interesting so people want to watch it. I like your music though.

~ DeIvL666 ~

(title in work)

A pretty poor submission. You mixed sprites with a gray background and a poorly drawn tornado, and that was the extent of the graphics here. The storyline was mildly humorous, but you drowned that out with references to the movie within the text, saying stuff like, better get on before the lameness makes you stop watching, or something like that. Have confidence in your work, and if you don't, why bother submitting it?

that was pretty good

not great front page material but i thought it was pretty good. M-A-R-C-U-S, you are just a damn nerd, get a life! TheComet, good work, i say keep it up!

another stupid movie...

heh, there was really no point to this. the story line was very weak, the graphical parody was very poor, and overall it was just silly.
i mean, the tornadoes were just these little oval/triangle things!! lol.
the animation was also pretty bad, apart from the character walking... and that's no cuase for celebration.
overall score: 3/10

Alright Parody

It was good but more background detail would have helped. It was a bit funny, but could have been funnier.

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3.98 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2003
12:15 AM EDT